Organization and operation of Remedial Teaching School Centers, 2012-2015

The objective of Remedial Teaching was to reintegrate students in the learning process, reduce dropouts, strengthen access to and participation in the educational system and improve their performance. Remedial Teaching, as a supportive institution of education, is one of the specially targeted interventions towards strengthening equal opportunities and accessibility for all in the educational system.

Support of all-day schools

The aim of the Action was to support and strengthen two (2) innovative interventions relating to the institution of all-day schools and kindergartens. All-day schools served as a crucial intervention in the overall national strategy against dropouts. At the same time, all-day schools met the need to support families, particularly those with working mothers, in an attempt to balance work and family life.

Lifelong learning programs of Theologians and Islamic scholars in Thrace, in religious matters, diversity and intercultural education

The Action regarded the implementation of fact track intensive training, with specialized courses in the Christian Orthodox religion for Theologians, and the Islamic religion for Islamic scholars, as well as modules and actions informing of the appropriate pedagogical methods of teaching religion classes developed in the existing curricula.