Environmental research within the program “Promoting awareness of wildlife crime prosecution and liability for biodiversity damage in NATURA 2000 areas in Crete [LIFE14/GIE/GR/000026-LIFE Natura Themis]”

The project relates to environmental research reporting in the form of questionnaires (baseline survey) for a quantitative and qualitative assessment of beliefs, attitudes and behavioral traits of specific groups of the local population of Crete, concerning environmental crime and liability for damages to biodiversity in NATURA 2000 network of sites in Crete

Configuring the organizational framework and drafting the implementation plan of training activities of the Act “Lifelong Learning Educational Programs for the Promotion of National Cultural Products”

The purpose of the application study that comes under the Subproject 2 of the Act, was to configure the organizational framework and prepare the implementation plan of the Act’s training actions. In particular, two (2) deliverables were completed in this study: