IT system for supervised monitoring of tender processes

The Company provided the application of tender processes management “Declaration”. The application “Declaration” is an original and innovative information system that implements computerized public procurement procedures from preparation of the call for tenders to contractualization, as required by the current standard management competence and in full compliance with the relevant Community and National legal framework. In short, the application “Declaration” comprises the subsystems:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The objective of the project was to develop a geographic information system (GIS) and related applications to be used by the Municipality services and partly by the Municipality of Thrakomakedones Web Portal. The main purpose of these applications was to put into a framework and expand services already included in the Website of the Municipality of Thrakomakedones, to the residents of the Municipality and to the general public. The aim was two-fold: to serve both the information and communication needs of the public, as well as promote the work of the municipality, and help develop production infrastructure and geographic information management of the Municipality